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"I was invited to play in the flag football league by a friend, and thought it was a great opportunity to play the game I love.  After completing two seasons, and meeting many caring, real and genuine Christian people, I began attending Red Rocks Church.  As a result of the programs offered through the Sports Ministry, I have begun volunteering and I have a renewed appreciation and perspective of church after being separated from church for over 15 years."

 - Jeff Marr

"Red Rocks Sports has definately touched my life in a positive way.The organizers are kind, charitable and the leagues have made a good witnessing tool and relationship builder."

 - Joel Lawmann

"I appreciate the good hearted competition and camaraderie within the teams. The sports leagues are a great way to meet people, make friends, and have a lot of fun!"

 - Tyler Roberts

"I've experienced the amazing opportunity to surround myself with a strong core of individuals that put God first. The sports program opened doors that I have never found elsewhere and has given me more than just a church to attend on Sundays."

 - Travis Carey


"Each sports program I have participated in has been both a great way to meet new people and a fantastic way to get some good exercise."

 - Doug Jones

"Red Rocks Sports Ministry is awe-inspiring because it seeks to save the lost while building relationships with believers and unbelievers (Luke 19:10).  This ministry and it's team are fully committed to serving others and I am privileged to get to be apart of it!"

 - Whittnay Roberts

"I have really gotten to know many people in the Red Rocks Church community through Red Rocks Sports. It is a fantastic way to get plugged in and meet people as well as get involved in disipleship groups with people who enjoy the same things as you do. If you are looking for a place to plug in without feeling awkward, check out a sports league. It is a blast!"

 - Chris Rodgers

"Honestly, the Red Rocks Sports Ministry has impacted my life in significant ways. First and foremost, my relationship with God has deepened as I see the heart of my prayers come to fruition through the changed lives of my teammates. Secondly, through the sports ministry, I have developed 4-5 significant friendships with people I consider "close friends." Lastly, the sports ministry has given me the ability to be competitive within the confines of a Christ-centered league that is so much fun!"

 - Dan Snyder


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